Urban. Exotic.

Pioneers in the field of home interiors, Marina Home paves the way for future generations with Project Remake.

About Marina Home

Conceptualised in 1997, Marina Home Interiors Retail Network is a Dubai based premium home furnishings company and operates its stores across the Arabian Gulf region, Egypt and the Indian subcontinent. Marina Home is a household name across the countries it operates in and is synonymous with quality, creativity and a strong aspirational value proposition.

Marina Home has proved its design ability in the selection of items that create an entrancing effect of unusual harmony. The impressive range of products appeals to a target market that desires multiple options in a singular location. The products are sourced from over twenty countries and represent four continents. Innovative designs are inspired by the cultures that Marina Home represents. The merchandise concept is based on cross-cultural influences of countries that the products are sourced from and prudent tailoring of trends that cater to a global audience. Modern classics and chic contemporary designs are complemented by rustic details; a true eclectic ambiance seamlessly blends design with functionality.