Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can anyone take part in Project Remake?

    No, Project Remake is open exclusively to university students from architecture, interior design and visual communication programs currently enrolled in the following universities:

    • American University in Dubai
    • Heriot-Watt University
    • Manipal University
    • Zayed University
  2. How should I register?

    Registration on the microsite must be made along with a Vision Statement that describes your vision for this reinvented piece along with insights into any inspiration or conceptual thoughts behind it. You may accompany this online submission at Stage 1 with any drawings or renderings that you may have prepared. These can be updated along the implementation stage later on if the concept evolves further, before midnight of June 19th, the day you will drop off the final completed installation at your campus.

  3. Where can I get the canvas product?

    If your submission is selected and your participation is confirmed, then the canvas product will be dropped off at your campus at a designated location and time on June 7th. The package will be handed to you in a carton with the dimensions of 65 cm (H) x 76 cm (W) x 15 cm (D). Please make necessary arrangements to take this back home with you to begin the reinvention process.

  4. What can I do to the canvas product?

    There are no restrictions to what you can do: deconstruct, reassemble, embellish, paint, engrave, etch, sculpt… just imagine, ideate and invent and you could be this year’s Marina Design Star.

  5. Can my installation be of any size?

    No, installations must remain within set dimensions of 120cm (H) x 100cm (W) x 100cm (D). Any installation that exceeds this size will be disqualified.

  6. What will my installation be judged upon?

    Your final installation will be evaluated based on five criteria: Creativity (Form), Design (Function), Execution (Quality of Build), Optimum use of the canvas product and Resourcefulness in the use of additional materials. A final public vote will also play an important role in the judges’ final scoring to arrive at the winner.

  7. I need another canvas product, can I get one?

    No, unfortunately Marina Home will only provide one canvas product per confirmed participant.

  8. Can I work on this project with a friend?

    Submissions must be made on an individual basis only. Any support you receive in creating your installation is not part of our consideration process. Only one winner will be recognized for the work produced and only this winner may receive the internship.

  9. What if I decided not to complete the challenge?

    If the canvas product has already been collected and you cannot go through the challenge, please return the canvas product to your faculty in charge so we may take back the product. Any no shows on the ‘Drop off’ day, by the set time, will be automatically disqualified from the competition.

  10. Where do I bring my completed installation?

    The installation you have produced must be brought back to your campus by June 19th at the specified location and time. Please remember that submissions that do not arrive by that time will be automatically disqualified from the competition. The installation brought on location should be sturdy and fit within the set dimensions to be eligible.

  11. Can I take back my installation after judging is completed?

    The installations submitted into this competition are property of Marina Home. However, once the competition is completed, we will contact you to have your installations collected should they not be required for any exhibit purposes.

  12. When will voting begin?

    Voting will begin through online channels on September 11th and run until September 15th. We encourage you to support entries from your university even if you do not make it to the top ten shortlists.

  13. When will you announce the winner?

    The final winner will be announced on September 27th at one of Marina Home’s showrooms, an event with press involved. This will take place following the exhibit of the Top 10 installations at the Commercial Interior Design Awards on September 21st 2016. All participants and faculty from universities will be invited to this awards ceremony in anticipation of the winner announcement. You will hear from us closer to the time with the exact date, time and venue of this event.

  14. When can we use the winning internship?

    Once the winner has been announced the internship schedule would be mutually agreed upon but must be utilized within 12 months of the prize announcement. The three-month internship at the Schwitzke Group's headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany is flexible to the specialty of the winning student. Because the group comprises of three companies, Schwitzke & Partner, Schwitzke Project and Schwitzke Graphics, the winner can select which company they wish to commence their internship in. The winner can alternatively choose to gain work experience across all three disciplines for a holistic and in-depth understanding of how the firm works with international projects and clients.