An Unrivalled Opportunity

The 2016 Marina Design Star will win a three-month internship at the Schwitzke Group’s headquarters in Germany- the perfect springboard for an illustrious career.

The Prize

The winner of this year’s Project Remake 2.0 competition will not only be awarded the title, 2016 Marina Design Star, but will more specifically receive a career-defining three-month internship at the Schwitzke Group's headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany. This will be an all expenses paid* opportunity to provide the winner with first-hand experience into the day-to-day workings of real projects and international clients, a chance to learn on the job and a gain a notable connect to the industry.

The winner will enjoy working across all disciplines at the Group offices – including Schwitzke Graphics, Schwitzke & Partner and Schwitzke Project. This will provide them with a holistic and in-depth understanding of how the firm works; from store branding to corporate identity, design to architecture, project planning to handing over the keys.

*Include visas, flights, accommodation and a stipend. Terms and conditions apply.

About The Schwitzke Group

A globally renowned name in the field of design, the Schwitzke group is based in Düsseldorf, and over the course of its 25-year history has created subsidiaries in Berlin, Dubai, Krakow and Paris. From strategic brand consulting and communication, to design development and the construction and implementation of holistic store concepts, the group has successfully worked with numerous brands worldwide.

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