An Expert Opinion

Your installations will be evaluated by this panel of distinguished multi-specialty professionals representing the design industry.

Maryam Al Suwaidi and Sulaiman Al Thehli

Maryam Alsuweidi, holds a Master’s degree in interior design from Utah State University, Utah, USA. Through her...

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Tarik Al Zaharna

Founder and Director of T.ZED Architects, Tarik is a graduate of the Bartlett School in London, and has a wide range...

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Maliha Nishat

Maliha started her professional career in Dubai after obtaining a degree at The American University in Dubai in...

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Manuel Arnaut

Manuel Arnaut is the Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Digest Middle East. Manuel previously spent seven years as a...

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Karl Schwitzke

Karl Schwitzke, born in 1955, immediately went abroad to acquire international experience, after finishing his...

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Sahil Vakil

Born and raised in Dubai, Sahil completed his BFA in Graphic Design from American University in Dubai and soon...

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